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We accept Credit Card (American Express, Visa, Master Card, Discover), Paypal, and Google Checkout.

All shipping inside the continental US is free. You may purchase the item directly without any add-ons.
Please note that there is a minimum order of $50.

Shipping time:
Usually takes1-2 weeks

To pay for international shipping, you must purchase shipping with your item.
In the menu of any category, select an option called

"Overseas shipping" and choose one of the following:

Overseas shipping A:
Select this if you are a first time customer with an order of less than $3000 USD.

Overseas shipping B:
Select this if you are a return customer with an order of less than $3000 USD.

Overseas shipping C:
Select this if you place an order greater than $3000 USD.

When selecting Overseas shipping A or B, select a subcategory that best fits your purchase.
For example, a first time customer who wishes to purchase a viola bow must purchase
"Overseas Shipping A" for "Bow for Violin/Viola/Cello" ($41) with their bow.

When processing your payment, you may select 'shipping 0' (free shipping) as your shipping method.

For cellos and double basses, please contact us.